Monday, January 21, 2002


Just to prove my bitch with ESCCR opponents does not run only to those on the right, let's talk about opposition on the left. Who can guess what the liberal opposition is? That's right, a fear of exacerbating inequality. As I've stated, political equality and equaility of opportunity is about all we can achieve. We cannot -- nor should we wish to -- equalize all in terms of abilities or outcomes. This pipedream of the left -- sort of a watered down Marxism -- is at risk, liberal opponents of ESCCR and genetic science fear, from the development and use of genetic science. The linked article from The American Prospect spells it out: We are in danger of becoming split into the genetically rich and poor (as if we weren't already) and, as that might lead to more haves and have nots (both in terms of abilities and achievements, including economic achievement) this is a result to be avoided. At this point, I consider my thesis that we must embrace genetic science and all it promises proved, simply by the vehement opposition on both ends of the political spectrum.

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